Healthcare Software

Healthcare software -The role of healthcare software is to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to manage patient data, appointments, and billing. Healthcare software can also be used to track patient health data and trends. Additionally, some healthcare software solutions offer features for patient engagement and education.

Healthcare software – can also help to collect data for research purposes and support decision-making by providing analytics and reporting tools. In recent years, there has been a trend toward developing software that is more user-friendly and patient-centred, with a focus on providing a better overall experience for both patients and providers.

Healthcare Software: What are the Frontiers for Digitising your Health & Allied Organisation?

Supply chain management

  • Inventory management
  • Procurement management

Payment management system

  • Patient billing management
  • Provider billing management

Healthcare Provider solution

  • Clinical Solutions
  • Electronic Health/Medical Records
  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • Radiology Information Systems
  • Radiation Dose Management Solution
  • Specialty Management Information Systems
  • Medical Image Processing & Analysis Solution
  • Healthcare IT Integration Systems
  • Practice Management Systems
  • Laboratory Information Systems

Customer Relationship Management

Healthcare Asset Management

  • Equipment Management Systems
  • Patient Tracking and Management
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Medical Document Management Systems

Workforce Management Systems

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Admission Discharge
  • Computer-Assisted Coding Systems
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Billing and Claims Management
  • Electronic Data Interchange

Financial Management Systems

Non-clinical solutions

  • Pharmacy Information system
  • Medication Management system
  • Electronic medication administration records
  • Barcode Medication Administration
  • Medication Inventory Management Systems
  • Medication assurance systems

Healthcare Information Exchanges

Population Health Management

Healthcare Analytics

  • Clinical Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Operational and Administrative Analytics

Healthcare Payer Solutions

  • Pharmacy Analysis and Audit
  • Claims Management
  • Fraud Management
  • Computer-assisted Coding Systems

Provider Network Management

Member Eligibility Management

Medical Document Management

HIT Outsourcing Services

  • Provider HIT Outsourcing Services
  • Medical Document Management Services
  • Pharmacy Information Management system
  • Laboratory Information Management system
  • Revenue Cycle Management Services

Payer HIT Outsourcing Services

  • Claim Management
  • Customer Relationship Management Services
  • Billing System
  • Fraud Detection

Operational HIT Outsourcing Services

  • Supply Chain Management Services
  • Business Process Management Services

IT Infrastructure Management Services

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