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      Healthcare vendors – Vertical is made for Suppliers / Service providers/Equipment/ Instruments/ Consumables / Software/ Vendors to Healthcare.

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Yes! If you are a Healthcare / Allied Professional or have a Business in this space, we are building India’s largest B2B Curated Community for you. We want you to find not just transactional, but also relationship benefits here. However, you can choose to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) or Join the Free Waitlist below!

Our Proposition is simple

Let our technology assist you to develop your practices.

We charge our Members a success fee on transactions. Pay-as-you-earn.

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The introductory price is $13.45 (₹999) per year. for Healthcare Professionals & Businesses. is an equal opportunities marketplace & helps you articulate what you can offer.

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We can incorporate Technology & deploy the power of a Hyperconnected World to achieve discovery, engagement, transaction, payments and delivery, faster.

Here’s how we drive successful partnerships: is not for you if you

✘ Are not ready to adopt digital technologies
✘ Are not eager to learn
✘ Are close-minded and are not looking to grow
✘ Are assuming little or no business risk in the changing times
✘ Are not willing to collaborate with Local, National & International Health Professionals

Why we have brought Such a Diverse set of Professionals Together?

Healthcare being delivered unidirectionally is a thing of the Past.

Healthcare being delivered disjointedly is an experience of the Present.

Healthcare being delivered Collaboratively is the Future, that is here!

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