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Research Vertical is made for Researchers in the Health Domain – be it Healthcare / Pharma / Alternative Medicine / Biotech / mHealth / AI / IoT / Data Science / Robotics / 3D Printing & all the other Health related fields.


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Memberships now open for the entire Ecosystem of Healthcare Research, including but not limited to:

✔ Service organizations
✔ Logistics support companies
✔ Drug shipping
✔ Longterm Document Storage
✔ Others

What’s in it for Providers of RaaS? is an equal opportunities marketplace & helps you articulate what you can sell.

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Do you believe, Go-To-Market is the ultimate validator?

…Alfred Nobel stated in his will that (Nobel) prizes shall be awarded to those, who ’have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind’ in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine…


…Nobel had declared on various occasions that he primarily would like to benefit scientists, since they often have difficulties monetizing their results, from which others benefit…

Source: The History of the Nobel Prize, edited by Nils Hansson et al., vol. 98, Brill, LEIDEN; BOSTON, 2019, PP. 188–206.

Obtaining the Prize / Patents was a means to an end. Commercialisation is the Means to Pass on the benefit to Mankind.

Leapfrogging, we can incorporate Technology & deploy the power of a Hyperconnected World to achieve this faster.

Here’s how we do that at, to drive successful partnerships:

Use’s dashboard to ‘PRODUCTIZE’ your deliverables.

Here are some of the deliverables that can be listed on our ‘Transactions Marketplace’.

Research Scholars.

✔ Research Consultancy
✔ Product Development
✔ Research Advisory
✔ Process Development
✔ Participate in Research Teams
✔ Pitch your Start-ups
✔ Copywriting (Full stack)
✔ Others (Set your own service)


✔ Project Supervision
✔ Training / Teaching Assignments
✔ Start-ups Consulting
✔ Medical Writing / Editing
✔ Copyright editing
✔ Research Consultancy
✔ Product Development
✔ Research Advisory
✔ Process Development
✔ Participate in Research Teams
✔ Pitch your Start-ups
✔ Copywriting (Full stack)
✔ Others (Set your own service)


✔ Participate in Research Teams
✔ Digital & Social Media Marketing
✔ Making Digital Marketing Collaterals
✔ Executing Surveys
✔ Campus Ambassador
✔ Pitch your Start-ups
✔ Others (Set your own service)

Copy writing stack includes.

✔ Content Writing
✔ Medical Content Writing
✔ Blog Writing
✔ Others (Set your own service) is not for you if you

✘ Are not ready to use digital technologies as leverage
✘ Are not eager to learn
✘ Are close-minded and are not looking to grow
✘ Think Patents & Citations are the end
✘ Are not willing to collaborate with Local, National & International research scholars

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