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Healthyites Vertical is made for Health Conscious Individuals, Families, Communities, Patients, & Patient Groups!

Who is a Healthyite?

We have brought a Diverse set of Professionals Together to provide better care. Read below.

Healthcare being delivered unidirectionally is a thing of the Past.

Healthcare being delivered disjointedly is an experience of the Present.

Healthcare being delivered Collaboratively is the Future, that is here!

Our Proposition is simple

Crowdsource your Healthcare Needs!

& the Process is easy:

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Find Awareness & Disease Management Programs suitable to your needs.

Find Financial Assistance Programs for health treatments.

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Membership to the Community & Access to Web-App.

Truly 360° with Automatic Business Development & enhancement of Capacity Utilisation.

Crowd-Source Health Needs in this Decentralised, Multi-nodal ecosystem

Global Initiative starting in India!

360° Healthcare Marketplace

A Super-Platform for all the Professionals, Businesses & Platforms of Health Products, Services, Software, Real Estate, Assets, Vendors to Healthcare, Research Projects, anything healthcare.

Streamline your purchases, too, through

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We can incorporate Technology & deploy the power of a Hyperconnected World to achieve discovery, engagement, transaction, payments and delivery, faster.

Here’s how we drive successful partnerships: is not for you if you

✘ Are not ready to adopt digital technologies
✘ Are not eager to learn
✘ Are close-minded and are not looking to grow
✘ Are assuming little no business risk in the changing times
✘ Are not willing to collaborate with Local, National & International Health Professionals

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