CosmoTrend Face Wipes

CosmoTrend Face Wipes

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Wipes for removing dust, pollution, anti-aging and provides freshness to the skin

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CosmoTrend Face Wipes are refreshing and soothing, easy to use. Wet wipes facilitate removal of day dirt, pollutants, unwanted bacteria, repairs fine skin lines, and maintains the skin pH. Enriched with sage extract, lemon oil, and tocopherol. Which not only hydrates and strengthens the skin tissue but also helps in reducing the secretion of skin oil. CosmoTrend Refreshing facial wipes are free from formaldehyde, Spun Lac Non-Woven Fabric used in making these facial tissues. The wipes are packed in a resealable label making it easy for you to pull a wipe and later reseal the pack. The unique packing system helps in locking the moisture of the wipes for a longer period, thus avoiding dryness till the pack lasts. Natural non-reactive long-lasting fragrances are used.

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Cosmotrend Inc.

Cosmotrend Inc. holds the ideals of serving humanity with the best in class cosmeceuticals that not only claim to be superior than others but also, prove their mettle in terms of efficacy and utility. Consistent focus on innovation endows us to bring forth skin care technologies that transform the conventional therapies to give an advanced perspective to each and every product. Careful analysis and stringent raw material selection criteria ensure that all our ingredients being derived from nature’s finest sources deliver their best in terms of effectiveness and safety. Trendsetters in the cosmeceuticals sector as we are, expertise is our forte. Every product is manufactured under the consistent supervision of expert scientists with regular quality checks at each step of the manufacturing process. Any deviations from the given standards are carefully taken into consideration and corrected. Cosmotrend Inc., with the belief of paving way to next generation cosmeceuticals, is managed by a team of highly qualified professionals in the field of healthcare. And together, with a keen sense of passion to maintain the health and hygiene of people, they have adopted a defined vision to make sure the company delivers what it claims.

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