Critical Care & ICU

Critical Care & ICU

Critical Care services involve taking care of patients with an immediate life-threatening condition. Usually, it involves accidents and diseases in which their vital organs are failing or at risk of failing. At Germanten Hospital, we have advanced monitoring, therapeutic, and diagnostic German technology that will provide critical care to the patients. This involves maintaining the functioning of the organ system and improving the condition of the patient so that their underlying illness or injury can be treated.
These services are taken care of by a specialized team of medical professionals working in the adult intensive care units or pediatric intensive care units. They might also be involved in a number of step-down and post-operative units. Critical care units have a very important part to play in hospitals. In case there is a sudden surge or spike in the patient volumes and these units get overwhelmed, some surgeries might have to be cancelled. This can also increase the wait times of an emergency department.
The core of any critical care system is the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Some of the most common roles inside the ICU are:
Medical Director – Responsible for providing oversight to the condition of the patients and the unit’s administrative activities.
Unit Manager – Works on overseeing the unit’s operational activities such as budgeting and staffing.
Most Responsible Physician (MRP) – Individual responsible for taking specific care of the patient.
Staff – The medical staff look after the patient and perform regular monitoring.
All medical professionals work together to save and improve the lives of critically ill patients.
Through the spine surgery, you will be relieved of any associated numbness or pain that goes on arms or legs. These symptoms are usually the result of compressed nerves in the spine. Spine decompression is a minimally invasive approach used to get the pinched nerve back to its normal function. It has a high success rate with about 90% of patients able to get relief after the surgery.

At the Germanten Hospitals, the Department of Critical Care is well-equipped for handling any type of emergency situation. Our medical professionals have the required expertise to take care of our patients. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, the critical care unit starts working on a rapid, multi-disciplinary approach for taking care of the medical emergency. For critically ill patients, the round-the-clock treatment approach is followed, especially for the ones who need a life support system. Apart from this, we also work on intensive medical interventions for our patients. 
The critical care team is led by internationally-trained Emergency specialists doctors. The Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a pinnacle of our high-technology, evidence-based patient care system. Every ICU bed is equipped with advanced multi-channel physiological monitoring systems and advanced invasive ventilators. The whole unit has a distant site and central internet accessibility to ensure that the patient has maximum safety and the doctors and nurses have access to critical information. The ICUs are well-equipped with German technology like flexible Fiber optic bronchoscopy, echocardiography, and ultrasonography machines for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes.

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