Herbal Strategi ? JustOut Cockroach Repellent | Room Spray

Herbal Strategi ? JustOut Cockroach Repellent | Room Spray

Herbal Strategi ? JustOut Cockroach Repellent | Room Spray | Completely Herbal | Cockroach Repellent Spray | Made with Lemongrass, Cedarwood & Neem| Eco-friendly & Biodegradable | Irritant-Free, Chemical-Free |Baby-Safe, Skin-Safe, Plant-Safe | 100mL

Completely Herbal: Herbal Strategi?s ? JustOut Herbal Cockroach Repellent is completely made from plant-based essential oils like Lemongrass, Cedarwood Oil & Neem Oil which are known to have cockroach repellent properties.
Harsh on Cockroaches, Gentle on Environment: JustOut is made to help keep your home free of cockroaches with the use of natural oils that repel cockroaches that may wreak havoc in your bathroom and kitchen. It is safe for your kids and pets and can be used even in hospitals and hotel rooms.
Safe for Your Loved Ones: We care for you and you care for your loved ones and we leave no one out. Our products are made safe for your skin and free of toxic ingredients that may cause respiratory irritation keeping your kids & pets safe.
Doesn?t Kill But Wards Them Off: We care for Mother Nature and these natural scavengers may be a pest to your home but are a necessary part of the food chain. This is why our natural ingredients don?t kills these pests but ward them away from your home keeping the food chain intact and free of harmful chemicals.
Gentle & Safe: Plant-based, hypoallergenic cockroach repellent, great for a home with pets and kids and a permanent solution for cockroaches.

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