Hip replacement surgery, cost, hospitals, and doctors

Hip replacement surgery, cost, hospitals, and doctors

Hip replacement surgery in India or total hip replacement is a common yet major surgical procedure where an experienced and deft orthopaedic surgeon replaces your painful hip joint with a prosthetic or an artificial hip joint (made up of either metal or plastics). There are several reasons when your joint may get damaged. This prosthetic or artificial hip joint helps the patient to move his hip in a hassle-free way. The prime aim of this surgery is to lessen the severe hip pain and improve the patient’s mobility. Hip replacement surgery is ideal for adults, but it is commonly performed in the age group between 60 to 80 years. You may find many best hospitals for hip replacement surgery in India. These hospitals are flooded with the best doctors for hip replacement.

India is one of the prime destinations for hip replacement surgery. Here, you will get many experienced and the best hip replacement surgeons in India at affordable prices. Many best hospitals of hip replacement surgery are embracing the patients with the latest treatment procedures at reasonable prices. Not only this but also the hip replacement surgery cost in India is quite affordable as compared to other developed countries. The cost of hip replacement surgery in India is near about $6000 only. The cost depends on various factors like duration of the stay, choice of hospitals and doctors, and certainly, choice of city for treatment.
How Much Does Hip Surgery Cost with Insurance?
Most insurance plans (Medicare and Medicaid) cover hip replacement surgery. So, talk to your insurance provider and ask about your coverage.
The Success Rate of Hip Replacement Surgery
The success rate of hip replacement surgery in India is high, with greater than 95% of patients experiencing relief from hip pain.

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