Material Couture for Wound Healing and Regeneration: an Overview

Material Couture for Wound Healing and Regeneration: an Overview

Published in Current Pharmaceutical Design (IF- 3.052). Authors are Kaur, I. P#., Sandhu, S. K., Deol, P. K., Sharma, G., Yadav, M., & Singh, M. . Year 2015, Volume21 Page no. 1556-1574


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Dr. Indu Pal Kaur | UIPS

I am an expert in nanostructured delivery systems for topical, oral and ocular administration. I also design suitable systems for delivering viable probiotics to the site of action. My research forte is enhancing bioperformance (solubility, stability, bioavailability, efficacy, permeability and safety) of drugs including large biomolecules using solid lipid nanoparticles and nano vesicular systems. I have developed versatile platform technologies which have shown suitability for BCS class II, III and IV molecules. Three tier oral and topical safety (cytotoxicity, in vivo acute (with LD50) and repeat dose toxicity as per OECD guidelines) is established for most systems. The drugs prone to photodegradation were photostable after encapsulation. In 2017 I licensed three technologies to a dermaceutical and a probiotic Industry. I have filed 19 patent applications and 7 patents are granted.

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