Oncology Surgical Speciality

Oncology Surgical Speciality

Cells in just about every part of the body have the potential to mutate and become cancerous or form tumors. For this reason, Oncology Surgical Speciality covers a myriad of conditions. It is common for the surgeon to specialize in treating illnesses of the specific part of the body, with surgical oncology as a sub-specialty, as opposed to specializing in all types of cancer.

Paramount General’s Oncologists:

Doctors Timing
Dr. Uday Pawar           M.S. (Onco Surgeon) Visiting
Dr. Yogen Chheda      M.S. (Onco Surgeon) Visiting
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A profound specialty in Oncology Surgical Speciality – Paramount General Hospital and ICCU also offer a gambit of other Healthcare services including Medical Consultation, Emergency Services, ICU Facilities, Diagnostic, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy stores, and Surgical Specialties. They have a core team of doctors specialized in their respective fields using the latest technologies yet very economical to the community for Oncology Surgical Speciality. The Hospital is Located at a Prime Location at Sakinaka Junction, Andheri, Mumbai.

All types of onco/ cancer surgeries are done by a team of expert onco surgeons in the state-of-the-art operation theater. A team of well-trained and experienced ICCU staff is present to take care of post-operative patients for better and smooth recovery.

Listed below few surgeries carried out at Paramount Hospital:

  • Ca bladder
  • Ca Breast
  • Ca cervi
  • Ca kidneys
  • Ca ovaries and Ca endometrium
  • Ca penis
  • Ca prostate
  • Ca stomach/ large and small intestine
  • Ca  gums/ palate
  • Ca  Throat
  • Ca  tongue
  • Orthopaedic Ca surgeries like Osteogenic Sarcoma and Chondro Sarcoma
  • Prophylactic and palliative surgeries for bone metastasis.
  • Skin Malignancies like Malignant Melanoma, Squamous cell, and Basal cell carcinoma

Medical services offered for Cancer are:

  • Chemotherapy for leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma
  • Post-surgery adjunctive chemotherapy for malignancies.

Surgical oncology is a branch of surgery focussing on the surgical management of tumors, in particular malignant (cancerous) tumors.

While the term is frequently used, surgical oncology is not recognized as a specialty by the GMC (General Medical Council); rather, it is a term encompassing a number of disciplines across several specialties, for example, an otolaryngologist with a sub-specialty interest in the surgical treatment of head and neck cancer could be said to be a specialist in surgical oncology, as could a gynecologic oncologist.

Because of the varying natures and locations of different cancers, it is virtually impossible for one surgeon to specialize in surgery for every kind of tumor; however, surgeons of any specialty who are thoroughly involved in performing operations to treat cancer/tumors may consider themselves surgical oncologists

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