OXY LIV Yatra Ultra Portable Pre Oxygen Can/Cylinder/Canister

OXY LIV Yatra Ultra Portable Pre Oxygen Can/Cylinder/Canister

1,800.00 (Incl. of GST)

For Breathlessness, Dizziness, Lungs, Heart,

Inhaling from the oxygen cans makes it easier to breathe. OXY LIV oxygen in can helps in fighting away fatigue and increases energy, endurance, stamina and strengthens immunity.
OXY LIV portable oxygen bottles will help you to relieve breathlessness and its symptoms. OXY LIV canned oxygen is helps in increasing oxygen level in the bloodstream and steps metabolic activity as oxygen is responsible for 80% of body?s metabolic energy.
OXY LIV oxygen cans offer wide array of oxygen products including one for breathlessness. It is a proven way for treating shortness of breath, which is caused mostly by oxygen deprivation. OXY LIV oxygen cans help you in overcoming the negative effects of oxygen deprivation. Smoking, pollution and living in crowded areas can lead to breathlessness.

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