Zero Block (500 ml)

Zero Block (500 ml)

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Zero Block is first of its kind ayurvedic compilation of Apple cider, garlic, ginger, lemons and honey that clears the heart blockages if taken one spoon daily in the morning. India is suffering from heart problems. We keep listening about heart patients in almost all the families in our connection.These problems are occurring in people from age group of 40+ and is hampering the health of oldies. A lot of times, heart attacks turns into mortality as well. Doctors often say the percentage of blockage found in the arteries after checkup. It varies from 70% to 90%, what the angiography says. Then comes the costlier solutions in the hospital like angioplasty or bypass surgery. Zero Block, if taken daily, before or after the detection of artery blockages, can clear all the blockages. You may feel the difference in your stamina and health within 2 months of time. Ayurveda is the cheapest and the efficient way to eradicate heart blockages. Try it once!

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