Compact Anaesthesia Machine

Compact Anaesthesia Machine

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Anaesthesia Machine – a fine product from Reubens Hospitech has established itself as a reliable brand in innumerable operation theaters across the country.

– Compact Anaesthesia Machine has a compact size, elegant appeal provides a valuable trust placed on the product.

– Machine constructed with a sturdy frame of corrosion-proof medical grade material with the durable finish

– Mounted on 4 wheels with front 2 having brakes

– Top shelf having a weight-bearing capacity of minimum 25 kgs

– Separate cylinder pressure gauge for O2 and N2O for each source of the inlet

– Provision to attach one pin type cylinder of each gas

– O2 failure alarm and N2O cut off system

– Common Gas Outlet (CGO) provided

– Non-interchangeable gas supply inlet for O2 and N2O

– Two tube rotameter for low flow use

– Blow off valve for patient safety

– CO2 absorber


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All of the components of the continuous flow anaesthesia machine are positioned on a table. A strong metal framework is provided by box-shaped, weld-together sections of steel or aluminium mounted on wheels with antistatic tyres (Castors) and brakes. Antistatic methods lessen the risk of ignition when flammable vapours are utilised and enhance the operation of flow metres. [6]

Two O2 and two N2O cylinders can be mounted to the basic machine using the yoke assembly with PISS. Additionally, there is a provision for substituting one of the cylinders at the yoke assembly with the pipeline gas source of O2 and N2O (connected from the wall outlet with quick couplers and yoke blocks at the machine end).

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