ELEGOO Mercury X Bundle Wash and Cure Machine

ELEGOO Mercury X Bundle Wash and Cure Machine

?Transparent Yellow Shade?Effective blocking 99.9% UV light. The maximum size of the supporting printer is 9.1 inches

ELEGOO Mercury X Bundle Wash and Cure Machine- Transparent Yellow Shade?Effective blocking 99.9% UV light. The maximum size of the supporting printer is 9.1 inches ?Faye Mirror Design?The entire effective curing area, light power distribution more uniform. ?360 ? Three-Dimensional Curing?Curing platform can be 360 ? automatic rotation, curing size ?200 * 260mm. ?Bottom Light Source Design?

The bottom to increase the light source design, the base can also be cured, do not let go of every detail, fully curing the model. ?Sealed Water Tank & Large-Capacity Design?8000ML large-capacity design, using rubber sealing strips, safe and reliable. ?Operation Knob?Long press 3 seconds to turn on the machine, integrated operation panel plus light with, simple operation. ?Super Long Time Setting?Maximum adjustment of 30 minutes. ?Dual Connector Power Adapter?To meet the needs of CURE and WASH work at the same time. ?Curing Mode and Cleaning Mode Completely Separate?MERCURY X WASH and MERCURY X CURE can work at the same time, one for cleaning work and one for curing work.

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