Neurosurgery is the branch of medicine that deals with surgery of the nervous system. The nervous system is made up of the central nervous nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The brain and the spinal cord comprise the central nervous system while the peripheral nervous system is composed of the nerves and sensory receptors of the sense organs (such as the ears, eyes, skin etc.). Surgeons who perform neurosurgery are called neurosurgeons.

Why NH?
Department of neurosurgery caters to patients with a wide variety of neurosurgical problems.Our objective is to provide the best possible neurosurgery treatments at affordable costs.
Department of Neurosurgery is equipped with state-of-the-art operating rooms, dedicated neurosurgical intensive care unit and has established neuro-rehabilitation program for post-operative patient care.
The team consists of senior consultants with expertise in various dimensions of advanced micro-surgical techniques are backed with an experienced and qualified support staff team, which makes us one of the best neurosurgery hospitals in India.
Our team are experts at performing brain surgeries and helping you in the recovery process. Here are all the details you need to know about the procedure.
A brain surgery is required to repair structural problems in your brain. They can either be due to birth defects, diseases, injuries, or any other problems. Some of the conditions that require neurosurgery are:
Blood clots
Parkinson’s disease
Brain tumours
Nerve damage
Our doctors will guide you through the entire procedure of brain surgery. You need to inform the doctor about any present medications that you’re taking. Your doctor will advise you on which medicines you should stop taking before the procedure. You’ll also have to inform the doctor about any surgeries, allergies, or if you’re taking alcohol. Before the surgery, your hair will be washed with a special soap to kill any germs or bacteria in the region.
There are several forms of brain surgeries such as:
Craniotomy – This type of surgery is done to remove brain tumours, an aneurysm, drain out blood or infection from an infection, or remove any abnormal brain tissue.
Biopsy – This is done to remove some brain tissues or tumours for inspecting them under a microscope.
Minimally invasive endonasal endoscopic surgery – This helps in removing any tumours or lesions from your nose and sinuses.
Minimally invasive neuroendoscopy – In this type of surgery, endoscopes are used to remove brain tumours.
Deep brain stimulation – In this type of surgery, an electrode is placed inside your brain for transmitting electrical signals
Immediately after a brain surgery is done, doctors will be monitoring you to see if everything is working fine or not. You will generally be seated in a raised posture to avoid swelling of your face.
The period of your stay in the hospital can last up to a week. However, how long you have to stay depends on the type of procedure. You may have to take medications for some time after the surgery.
Types of Neurosurgery
Narayana Health is the best neurosurgery hospital in India offering different subspecialities of neurosurgery. The types of neurosurgery can be broadly classified as follows:
Neuro-oncology: This is a speciality that is focussed on tumours of the brain and the spinal cord
Functional Neurosurgery: Surgery to treat problems such as movement disorders, cerebral palsy and epilepsy come under this speciality.
Neurovascular Surgery: This speciality as the name indicates is focussed on the blood vessels that supply the nervous system and their related problems such as narrowing, aneurysms, etc.
Paediatric Neurosurgery: Neurosurgery that is focussed on the neurological problems that occur in the developmental and childhood stages. This involves the treatment of congenital defects such a spina bifida, tumours and other anomalies.
Traumatology: A neurosurgeon who specialises in traumatology treats injuries to the nervous system, such as head injuries, surgically.
Spinal Surgery: This speciality is focussed on surgeries of the spinal cord.
Skull-base surgery: Neurosurgeons in this field specialize in anomaly surgeries present at the skull base.

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