Operational Support – Logistics Function

Operational Support – Logistics Function

4,350.00 2,175.00

  • We provide operational support for multiple positions in your organization.
  • The goal is for you to concentrate on the important tasks and give us all your tedious ones.
  • Some positions we have fulfilled are inside sales rep, logistics coordinator, freight broker, social media executive, supply chain analyst, data entry clerk, accounting clerk.
  • We can even work on a hybrid profile with our tailor-made approach.
  • For example, we can provide two hours of data entry and two hours of tracking and tracing everyday for you.
  • This process is flexible with no long term contracts.
  • We can review the requirements each month and alter the support needed accordingly.
  • This means you can reduce the support during off season and scale it back up during the holiday rush.

Rates reflected below are chargeable per hour of consulting. Based on the estimate of total working hours required on your scope of work, they can be converted into a project as well.

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