UVC Germicidal Lamps

UVC Germicidal Lamps

We import several types of?Germicidal Ultraviolet lights and Ultraviolet Lamps.?Ultraviolet Lamps?are used for many applications such as water sterilization, air sterilization, Insect Trap, Counterfeit Currency Detector and Weather ability testing.

UVC Germicidal Lamps efficiently emit a large amount of ultraviolet rays 253.7 nm (nanometers) which have excellent germicidal effect. These lamps have structures and electrical characteristics similar to those of general fluorescent lamps used for illumination but use ultraviolet ray glass which efficiently transmits ultraviolet rays at 253.7 nm.

A large selection is available with different size, shapes and ultraviolet ray output so that the most appropriate one can be selected according to the purpose.

The Ultraviolet Lamps are primarily useful for sterilization of air, the surfaces of various materials and water or liquid.

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Hiten Techno Products Corporation has been the largest supplier of Scientific and Technical lamps in India for over 25 years. We ensure our customers a regular supply of all the lamps we have. We guarantee our customers the best quality of lamps yet the most competitive of prices. We have two companies :- 1. Hiten Techno Products Corporation 2. Gaurav Engineering Private Limited Both these companies are family owned. Hiten Techno Products is a partnership firm belonging to the family. Gaurav Engineering Private Limited is a limited company with 100% equity with our family. Hiten Techno Products is an agency and distributing company. They generally import the products on their own account and supply to customers in India. Gaurav Engineering Private Limited is an agency company. We represent several foreign companies in India. We also undertake cutting/grinding of Quartz Tubes. In short, Hiten Techno/Gaurav Engineering are import companies. We sell in India only those products which are imported by or through us.

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