Urja Mint Anaesthesia Workstation

Urja Mint Anaesthesia Workstation

537,600.00 (Incl. of GST)

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URJA MINT Anesthesia Workstation by Reubens hospitech adopts an advanced design concept.

Its offering powerful ventilation function, complete patient monitoring parameters as well as integrated autoclavable intelligent breathing system, contributing to clinical, safe, and comfortable anaesthesia.


– Advanced easy to use features, with low flow anaesthesia technology, providing seamlessly integrated operation

– The Urja Mint Anaesthesia Workstation is the ideal solution for customers seeking an affordable, reliable, and easy to use anaesthesia system

– Absorber/ Ventilator interface, Circle On/Off switch

– The ventilator automatically switched off in the open circuit mode

– Low life costs, solution for restricted space, high levels of workstation integration

– Modular construction and open architecture for monitors, ventilators, and accessories

– Tested for stability, performance &compact but beautifully engineered solution

– Flexible platform for patient monitoring

– Ancillary flowmeters for oxygen are provided by standard accessories.

– Arm for a mounting ventilator, monitor on the side rail assembly

– A range of ventilation modes and waveform displays are available.

– Ventillation further enabling you to match your ventilator to your patients changing requirements

– Robust, reliable, compact, and lightweight

– Smooth and double-coated with a based coat for long rust proof & fumigation resistance coat

– Precise tidal volume delivered with electronic PEEP

– Innovative ventilation technology paired with easy operation and maintenance.

– Anti-hypoxic mechanism in the Urja Mint Anaesthesia workstation helps clinicians reduce the risk of hypoxic mixtures during flow.

– Intelligent highly integrated breathing circuit system

– Accurate anaesthesia vaporizer

– Basic yet effective modes of ventilator

– The anaesthesia ventilator, comparable with the ICU ventilator, takes care of the whole process from anaesthesia induction to recovery.

– It’s enabling the anesthesiologist to be focused more on the patients (hands-free) during anesthesia

– Attachment for compressed medical air for driving the ventilator and Air oxygen mixture from rotameter for the patient is possible

– Hence this device reduces the use of N2O oxide theatre pollution.

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