Converyorised Metal Detector

Converyorised Metal Detector

The conveyor type metal detector units are widely used in Food Industry such as Biscuit, Snack Food, Sea Food, Meat, Pharmaceutical – bulk line, etc.

The conveyor type metal detector units are widely used in Food Industry such as Biscuit, Snack Food, Sea Food, Meat, Pharmaceutical – bulk line, etc. Depending upon the nature of product, type of packing, etc., various size of test coil and type of rejection schemes can be proposed. e.g. –

In Biscuit industry for Dry biscuit – flap type of rejection, for wet dough line stoppage type or
retracting type rejection would be recommended.
For Sea food, Cosmetic product – Pusher type, etc.
In chocolate line – Pneumatically operated belt with flap type rejection.
Product packed in Jars / Bottles: Pneumatically operated diverter type rejection.
Biscuit Industry:

Wet dough line to prevent the stamping mould being get damaged due to external metal contamination.
Dry Biscuit, which is finished product, preventing to reach in the marked / end user.
Normally, conveyor type metal detectors are widely used in the Biscuit Industry.
Snack Food: The segment is very vast including any type snack food such as Chips, Farsan, Samosa, Kurkure, Namkeen, Sweet, etc.

Cosmetic Line: The Metal Detector is having application in this segment in soap line – before stamping and after stamping.

Sea Food: In the frozen state / slab.

Meat / Chicken Industry: Raw meat/Chicken – before packing or in frozen slab / pack.

Dairy Industry: Curd, Ice Cream, Milk Powder, Paneer, Cheese, etc., are the segment where the metal detector units are used.

Garment: Quilt, Shawls, Bed Sheets, etc.

Rubber: Tire, Rubber sheet, personnel care Hosiery, etc.

Sauce / Juice / Cream / Pickle: After packing in jars / pet bottles.

The following models are available.

Metaltrap SS30-CONV

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