Security Cabins

Security Cabins

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  • Light In weight, portable & easy to shift.
  • No Leakage.
  • Weather proof with high ESCR.
  • As it is portable , considered as temporary structure , not counted in FSI

Security Cabins -Boroplast is an expert in designing high-quality MS cabins and containers. We are one of the reputable Portable MS Cabins & Containers Manufacturers in India making durable products for several years. Our MS cabins and containers are used by numerous industries and companies. We develop MS cabins and containers of every size and structure based on clients’ requirements.

We have the goal to design the right product for every customer after looking at their demands. Apart from that, we also provide products at affordable rates. Our products do not break, damage or fall due to force, pressure, or environmental hazards. They are used in different industries as well.

Security Cabins -Security guard cabin manufacturing is a speciality of Boroplast. We are a leading manufacturer of security guard cabins. Manufacturing quality products for a long period in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Different sizes and shapes are available for our security guard cabins. In addition, we employ a variety of materials to construct security guard cabins.

We consider each client’s needs and spending capacity. We produce Security Guard Cabins in accordance with their specifications utilising premium raw materials. No matter the weather, our items will maintain their quality

Strong, long-lasting, and performance-oriented
Roof monolith for simple water drainage
Large and elegant
built-in connections for things like a telephone jack, bulk head, fan, and tube lights.
a writing desk for keeping records
A second switch socket is provided for an emergency battery charger.
Composite polymer construction lightens the cabin’s overall weight while providing the necessary insulation.
There is no need for corporate body approval.

completely maintenance-free and weather-resistant
Windows that slide up and down for comfort
Legs that make it simple to move and clean

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Dimensions 110 × 110 × 250 cm


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Borkar Polymers is a multi-faceted company manufacturing a wide range of products using a variety of materials and processes. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Mumbai, Boroplast is well equipped to serve clients, not only in India, but also International orders. With our extensive know-how of FRP, Polymers and other raw materials, we are able to innovate unique solutions for a wide range of industries. From serving the needs of the Indian Navy with fully furnished stay-in cabins, to catering to the requirements of highway toll booths in Cambodia, we have done it all. We welcome you to experience the wide variety of solutions showcased here. However, if you need a custom-built solution for a specific purpose, do get in touch & we would be glad to innovate the same.

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