The TOC-L series of TOC analyzers adopts the 680?C combustion catalytic oxidation method, which was developed by Shimadzu and is now used worldwide. While providing an ultra wide range of 4 ?g/L to 30,000 mg/L, these analyzers boast a detection limit of 4 ?g/L through coordination with NDIR. This is the highest level of detection sensitivity available with the combustion catalytic oxidation method. In addition, the combustion catalytic oxidation method makes it possible to efficiently oxidize not only easily-decomposed, low-molecular-weight organic compounds, but also hard-to-decompose insoluble and macromolecular organic compounds.

TN Unit with TOC: [Perform Simultaneous TOC and TN Measurements]:
Analyze gas and solid samples as well as liquids with measurements over a wide range from 4?g/L to 4000 mg/L, Simultaneous measurement of Total Organic Carbon &Total Nitrogen.
720 ?C catalytic thermal decomposition/chemiluminescence methods are adopted for TN measurement. There is no interference from metallic ions or bromine in sea water.
Measurements over a wide range with a detection limit of 5 ?g/L for TOC-LC*H to an upper limit of 10,000 mg/L.
(In the case of simultaneous TOC/TN measurement, TOC analysis using high-sensitivity catalysts is impossible. TN measurement is not possible in combination with the SSM-5000A.)SSM with TOC: [ Capable of TOC Measurements in Solid Samples ] Combining the Solid Sample combustion unit with a TOC analyzer permits analysis of many solid samples in addition aqueous samples, including soil, sludge, and sediments.
Measurement of maximum 1 g samples with up to 30 mg carbon content reduces weighing errors, and errors due to uneven distribution of the sample carbon content
(The SSM-5000A cannot measure sea water samples and sea bottom sediment samples containing much salt.)
Measurement of inorganic carbon (carbonate) in solid samples.
(TN measurement is not available with the SSM-5000A.)
Measurement of aqueous samples containing large quantities of suspended substances.
Simply change the onscreen settings to switch between aqueous sample measurement with the TOC-L, and solid sample measurement using the SSM-5000A

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